Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Sir Peter Snell

 Peter Snell was born on 1938, 17 December in Opunake New Zealand. The school he went was Mt Albert Grammar School. He was famous for having three gold medals in the Olympics and being only one that finished the 800 and 1500 metre race from 1920 to 1964. He retired in athletics and worked at a tobacco company and then moved to the United States and went to studying again. He got a PHD in exercise physiology. Died at the age of 80 on 2019, 12 December.

Friday, 7 May 2021

Diary Entry

This is a diary entry I have written in response to a short animated movie we are studying for literature.

Dear Diary

I feel darkness coming into my body, I feel like I did something awful, I feel like dying, I feel useless.

Everyday, I go upstairs to look out my window looking for someone who could accept my appearance and qualities, sometimes people just won't let me hangout with them just because of who I am. 

Monday, 3 May 2021


 Today we discussed our values. We had to dig deep and thought hard about what really counts. I chose people as something I value because I thought about if the world ended tomorrow and what would I do first or miss. I thought of people because I think that us humans represent life and death, and how we have a life to live. 

This is a person standing on top of the world representing all of us humans and all of the livings things.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Stations Of The Cross 2021


Stations Of The Cross is a religious play, played by the seniors in school to teach the young how Jesus died.

There were 14 stations so it was pretty long. All of us got a chosen role, some were villagers and some of us were Roman Soldiers. I was a soldier. 

The hardest part was when we carried the cross onto the stage. Once we put Jesus onto the cross, one of the soldiers would give me a nail one by one, while I would hammer the nails into Jesus' on his arms. After all that, the next station was when Jesus died on the cross. I took down the arms of Jesus off the cross then laid him down on the ground. Two soldiers came up and rolled up a white cloth as if Jesus was in the burial cave. (No harm was done in this play)

This experience was  great! I learnt a lot about the death of Jesus, risk and sacrifice... even if its dangerous.

Always believe in yourself!

Thursday, 19 November 2020

DLO About Aotearoa


This DLO is about places in New Zealand. 

Matamata is a place in New Zealand that's place where they recorded the movie Tinkerbell and Lord of The Rings.

Rangitoto is a volcano that's located in the Auckland Harbour, it hasn't erupted since then.