Tuesday, 22 October 2019

St Maximilian Kolbe

St Maximilian Kolbe
There was this priest in the second world war he was giving shelter to the refugees

St Maximilian Kolbe got arrested by The Nazis. When he was in prison he teached the other prisoners to pray and sing. Soon The Nazis were picking a prisoner to get executed, they picked a prisoner then the prisoner said ‘please don’t execute me, I have a family and I need to take care of them’. The Nazis refused but then Kolbe replied and said ‘ Execute me instead, I am old and I don’t have a family'. The Nazis agreed. They went to the execution room and killed him.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Alice and The Rabbit - By Matthew

Learning Intention - W.A.L.T - write a narrative story.
Success Criteria - 

 A long time ago I was a white rabbit, I met a girl named Alice, we were very good friends, Alice lived in a palace and I lived in a cottage. One time me and Alice were playing in the palace backyard, we played hide 'n' seek, Alice seeked  first. While Alice was seeking she saw my long ears sticking out, when she ran she eventually fell into a hole and started to scream. I had no choice to fall in the hole. So I did.

When we fell we reached the end. From a distance I saw a table , on the table there was a key, I ran and got it. There were scary statues surrounding the table, one of them had a key hole, I got the key and put it in. The statue showed a crown, Alice also saw a rope. We brang the crown with us and used a rope to go up the hole. When we were on ground guards were surrounding us , one of them was surprised that I was holding the crown. The next day there was a celebration about the crown, we arrived at the palace. The king said something nice, he said that " you are accepted as king", everyone clapped. I appreciated everything. I was getting tired of being king, we had another celebration. I accepted Mad-hatter as king but he didn't want to be king so there wasn't a kinghe. Later on Alice wanted to be a queen but nobody couldn't accept it so I did. She enjoyed being queen. 

Friday, 2 August 2019

Mission Day - by Matthew

Learning Intention - W.A.L.T - write recount.
Success Criteria -  

Mission Day
Have you ever celebrated Mission Day?                                                                                                                                                          On Mission Day we raised $1,000 or over. Before Mission Day we went to church and praise God. After that we did our work too to complete our task. Then it was morning tea I was struggling to find some fun games to try out, it was because I had no money.

It was a bit funny and weird at the same time in the movie Despicable Me 3, my favorite scenes were when the bad guy said " I'm a bad boy" and also when he got slapped by Gru in the movie. Finally we went to the canopy for a fun raffle, I was startling because I wanted to win. There were a lot of winners in the raffle. It was a fun day on Mission Day    

My Reflection To Ted Hughes Iron Man Book


Reflection on Chapter One of the Iron Man

This week we read the first chapter of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. In this chapter we learned a lot about what the Iron Man was like because the author describes him very well. He said the Iron Man was as tall as a house, his head was shaped like a dustbin and as big as a bedroom so we know he is very big. We enjoyed the way the chapter introduced the character and want to read more because there are so many questions we need answered now.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

The Tree Hut Treaty - By Matthew

L.I - Respond to the book "The Tree Hut Treaty" by explaining our feelings. 

Today we read the book "The Tree Hut Treaty". The book was about a tree. In the book Manaia and Tia met Jack and Crystal, they became friends. Manaia and Tia saw a tree, they had an idea to do with it. They made a tree hut out of the tree. Their next door neighbor, Jack and Crystal saw Manaia  changing the tree hut. Soon Manaia and Tia saw Jake and Crystal changing their tree hut.. They soon argued over the tree hut. Manaia had an idea to stop the argument. She said "Maybe we can ask each other if we can change the tree hut or we can ask our families if they can make the tree hut look good.