Thursday, 19 October 2017

Going Swimming

In the holidays I went to the Lagoon Swimming Pool, in Panmure, with my Mum, and my friends Nino, Giselle, Jamie and Erich Wyne.  We all go to the same school in Panmure.  When we were at the swimming pool I saw my friend Cooper.  Cooper is in my class at school.  We played the game 'Who's Your Daddy'.  The Dad was Nino and I pretended to be a little child.  I tried to wreck everything in the imaginary house.  After that we ate oreos and shapes because we were hungry.  Then we played the game 'Jailbreak', but we didn't get to play 'Jailbreak' for long because we had to go.  

Before we left we needed to take a shower.  Then we changed into our clothes by ourselves and went home. Erich Wynes' Dad picked up Erich Wyne and Giselle and took them home.  Cooper stayed at the pool with his friend and his friend's Mum.  On our way home we dropped Nino off at his house.  When I was in his house I saw a lot of toys on the floor.  Nino has lots of toys.  I like going swimming with my friends.