Thursday, 19 October 2017

Going Swimming

In the holidays I went to the Lagoon Swimming Pool, in Panmure, with my Mum, and my friends Nino, Giselle, Jamie and Erich Wyne.  We all go to the same school in Panmure.  When we were at the swimming pool I saw my friend Cooper.  Cooper is in my class at school.  We played the game 'Who's Your Daddy'.  The Dad was Nino and I pretended to be a little child.  I tried to wreck everything in the imaginary house.  After that we ate oreos and shapes because we were hungry.  Then we played the game 'Jailbreak', but we didn't get to play 'Jailbreak' for long because we had to go.  

Before we left we needed to take a shower.  Then we changed into our clothes by ourselves and went home. Erich Wynes' Dad picked up Erich Wyne and Giselle and took them home.  Cooper stayed at the pool with his friend and his friend's Mum.  On our way home we dropped Nino off at his house.  When I was in his house I saw a lot of toys on the floor.  Nino has lots of toys.  I like going swimming with my friends.  

Monday, 28 August 2017

My Day On Snow Mountain

On the weekend I went up the snow mountain.  It was a long journey.  After that I played snow ball fights with Jasper, Tong Tong and Icin.  Tong won.  Then I went to the food court near the white snow mountain.  I bought a cup of hot coco to warm me up.  IT WAS EXTREMELY HOT!.  Then I went skiing.  I crashed into a snowman.  It didn't fall over when I hit it.  After that I went to a Motel called Ossies.  It was a pretty little room.  Then I got dressed in my pyjamas and I went to sleep.  I was very tired because I had been busy having fun on the snow mountain all day.

Going To St Lukes Shopping Mall

In the weekend I went to St Lukes shopping mall. I went with my Mum, Dad and sister.  We went there because I needed to return my toy car to K Mart.  The car was called an Audi R8.  Unfortunately the car's wing fell out.  After we returned the car we bought a new toy Audi R8.  Next we went to the Factorie.  At the Factorie we bought a really cool hat for me.  Then we went home.  After that I had my medicine for my cold and then I went to bed.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

In The Holidays

During the holidays I walked up Mount Wellington with my dad.  When I walked up the mountain I was brave and I didn't give up.  Mount Wellington is very steep and high.  We got hot and tired. 

After we had climbed down the mountain we had a picnic.  I ate noodles which we had bought from the Noodle Canteen.  

When we got home my dad said that we would be going back to Mount Wellington again on Sunday with my sister.  I said that my sister and I would have a race up the mountain.  My mum smiled and said that she would be the judge.  I am looking forward to next Sunday.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Saint Patrick's Day

On Friday it was Saint Patrick's Day.  This meant that it was our school's feast day.  Our school is called Saint Patrick's School.  We had a very busy day on Friday.  

First we went to church.  At church we knelt and prayed to God.  Father Michael took the mass, and we listened to him and sang songs to God and Jesus.  

After Mass we went back to school and had morning tea. After morning tea we all sat outside the library while Miss Bullot put us into our teams.  We played games and did activities in our teams.  

The first game we played was to make Irish book marks. Then the bell rang and we went to Mrs Twomy outside.  We played the crab walk and the spider walk game.  It was fun.  We also made planes for the Irish Airways and played steal the emerald and the gold.

When we had finished playing our games and doing the activities we all went under the tree, and Miss Bullot gave us ice blocks.  Later we had lunch and played.  It was a fantastic day!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Going to the Restaurant

On the weekend my family and I went to the pool but it was closed.  Instead we went to a restaurant in the city.  At the restaurant I ordered a teriaki chicken.  We had to wait a while before the food arrived.  While we waited we prayed and then talked to each other.  The food tasted good and it was worth waiting for.  After we had eaten my dad went to pay for our food and then we walked back to our car.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Whanau Time

In the holidays I celebrated my sister's birthday.  My sister's name is Micaela.  We  went to a Korean restaurant to celebrate. At the restaurant Micaela had a birthday cake with candles on it.  She blew the candles out and we all ate a piece of cake.  After that my sister opened her birthday presents.  She was happy.  

Then we went home.  When we got home we ate some more birthday cake.  It was a long day but we had fun.