Thursday, 7 February 2019

The Tree Hut Treaty - By Matthew

L.I - Respond to the book "The Tree Hut Treaty" by explaining our feelings. 

Today we read the book "The Tree Hut Treaty". The book was about a tree. In the book Manaia and Tia met Jack and Crystal, they became friends. Manaia and Tia saw a tree, they had an idea to do with it. They made a tree hut out of the tree. Their next door neighbor, Jack and Crystal saw Manaia  changing the tree hut. Soon Manaia and Tia saw Jake and Crystal changing their tree hut.. They soon argued over the tree hut. Manaia had an idea to stop the argument. She said "Maybe we can ask each other if we can change the tree hut or we can ask our families if they can make the tree hut look good.