Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Alice and The Rabbit - By Matthew

Learning Intention - W.A.L.T - write a narrative story.
Success Criteria - 

 A long time ago I was a white rabbit, I met a girl named Alice, we were very good friends, Alice lived in a palace and I lived in a cottage. One time me and Alice were playing in the palace backyard, we played hide 'n' seek, Alice seeked  first. While Alice was seeking she saw my long ears sticking out, when she ran she eventually fell into a hole and started to scream. I had no choice to fall in the hole. So I did.

When we fell we reached the end. From a distance I saw a table , on the table there was a key, I ran and got it. There were scary statues surrounding the table, one of them had a key hole, I got the key and put it in. The statue showed a crown, Alice also saw a rope. We brang the crown with us and used a rope to go up the hole. When we were on ground guards were surrounding us , one of them was surprised that I was holding the crown. The next day there was a celebration about the crown, we arrived at the palace. The king said something nice, he said that " you are accepted as king", everyone clapped. I appreciated everything. I was getting tired of being king, we had another celebration. I accepted Mad-hatter as king but he didn't want to be king so there wasn't a kinghe. Later on Alice wanted to be a queen but nobody couldn't accept it so I did. She enjoyed being queen.