Friday, 9 April 2021

Stations Of The Cross 2021


Stations Of The Cross is a religious play, played by the seniors in school to teach the young how Jesus died.

There were 14 stations so it was pretty long. All of us got a chosen role, some were villagers and some of us were Roman Soldiers. I was a soldier. 

The hardest part was when we carried the cross onto the stage. Once we put Jesus onto the cross, one of the soldiers would give me a nail one by one, while I would hammer the nails into Jesus' on his arms. After all that, the next station was when Jesus died on the cross. I took down the arms of Jesus off the cross then laid him down on the ground. Two soldiers came up and rolled up a white cloth as if Jesus was in the burial cave. (No harm was done in this play)

This experience was  great! I learnt a lot about the death of Jesus, risk and sacrifice... even if its dangerous.

Always believe in yourself!

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